She’s Got the Beat

This spring we enrolled Charlotte in a music class.  She has always loved music and dancing and I was kind of tired of the gym, so we thought that music would be a good change of pace.  The first month or so of class was hard for me to take because class was in a room without windows and I was exhausted from my first trimester but when I saw how much Charlotte loved it it made it easier to get up and go.

Charlotte loved everything about her class.  Miss Daphne was great and really connected with the kids.  She got to play with new instruments in each class (although the sticks with the bells on them were by far her favorite!).  They sometimes got to play with stuffed animals.  There was story time.  And the kids usually got some sort of small treat (like a sticker) at the end of class!

On the last day all of the Mom’s brought our camera’s and took some pictures.  I’m glad I did because it’s hard to explain the joy that Charlotte had in music without seeing the pictures!

Sometimes they got to play with hula hoops.  Charlotte loved playing with the purple one!

Waiting on Miss Daphne to pour out the animals so that she could choose one…

Of course she chose the puppy dog!

The class was great for her counting because most of the time she had to get four instruments from each box — two for her and two for me.  She quickly learned how many four was in actuality as opposed to theory in a book and was usually one of the first to grab her instruments.

Probably her favorite instruments.  Right here she’s tapping them on her chest.  Class also taught her concepts like high and low!

Near the end of the semester they started bringing balls out near the end of class.  This was a huge hit for Charlotte!

And as a special surprise on the last day they got to play with balloons!

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    May 17, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    When I baby-sat in Atlanta, I used to get to take one of the little girls to music class each week. I LOVED it!

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