Charlotte, Faith

The Easter Egg Hunt

The Saturday before Easter we headed up to the clubhouse for a chance to meet the Easter Bunny and have an egg hunt.  Sadly, Charlotte wouldn’t get anywhere near the Easter Bunny — even with us — so we just forewent that picture this year and got her what she wanted: a purple puppy dog balloon.  Of course the balloon line was the longest in the place since the clown was making the balloons and painting faces, but we eventually found some friends who let us cut for just a balloon and Charlotte was a happy camper!

Right before Charlotte got to a breaking point waiting for the egg hunt it was announced that it was time and so we headed down to the grassy area where the hunt was to be held.  They staggered the kids so that the little ones could get some eggs before the older kids got to them, but I still didn’t feel like it was totally fair.  I wish that they had three segregated areas based on kid age, but that’s just the mom of a small child who almost got run over by the big kids running to take over the little kids eggs.  🙂

Charlotte had been practicing hunting eggs at home for weeks and had a hunt at school that week so she was ready.  Nevertheless, she did get a pep talk from Daddy before the hunt took place.  Not that the number of eggs mattered, but at home she finds an egg and then stops to open it before moving on and we tried to explain to her that she should just put them straight in her basket and find another egg and wait to open the eggs until the hunt was over.  She actually did surprisingly well with this concept!

After the hunt most people were kind of hanging around chatting.  There weren’t really any other events planned but it was a beautiful day so no one really wanted to leave.  We chatted with our neighbors and Charlotte started exploring.  This included inspecting the contents of her Easter basket.  Running around like a crazy girl enjoying herself.  Spotting a dropped egg on the other side of the area and sprinting to pick it up.  And searching for chipmunks.

All in all it was a great morning despite the failed attempt at an Easter Bunny picture.  That’s ok, I think we got plenty of good ones without a bunny in them!  And Charlotte had a blast, which is really all that mattered!

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