Two Going on Sixteen

You have developed quite a sassy personality little girl!  You are fun and loving and caring and sweet and generous and loud and hilarious and the best little girl that your Daddy and I could ever ask for.  You say the cutest things and are developing such a vocabulary and ability to talk that it’s astounding!  I love the stage that your in and don’t want to forget any of the adorable things that you are doing these days!
You love Jesus and your Bible.  You carry this little white Bible around and have to have it when we go to church.  When we ask you who your Bible is about you say “Jeee-sus”.  You also love watching your Praise Baby dvd’s sometimes and when they’re over you always ask for “More Jesus”.  We sing “Jesus Loves Charlotte” at night and nap before I put you down and you’ve started singing some of it to yourself sometimes.  This past week you learned that God made rainbows and that rainbows mean that God loves us.  I hope you keep your love for Jesus in your heart and that it grows so much over the years so that you come to a saving relationship with Him.  This is the most important thing that we can teach you and I pray daily for wisdom in how to do the best job teaching you.

You are always on the GO!  A lot of times when we’re going somewhere in the house you’ll start running yourself and yell back at whoever is following you telling them to run also.  And we have to run hard to catch up to you!  Even though you’ve taken a few spills in the past few weeks because you are going so fast it hasn’t deterred you in the least and you still GO, GO, GO!

You are definitely a girl who loves her jewels.  You don’t really care if it’s plastic from Hobby Lobby or pearls from Miss Stephanie,  you love it all the same and would wear fifty necklaces and fifty bracelets at all times if we would let you.  Sometimes when you put something on you look at us and say “Charlotte booo-tiful” and we always tell you that yes, you are beautiful with your jewels, but you are ALWAYS beautiful — jewelry only enhances your beauty!

You love Alabama.  While I’m pretty sure another conclusion couldn’t be reached given the amount of games that you’ve already attended and how much you love “T-town” we love seeing you passionate about a place that we hold so dear.  You love Big Al and most nights recently we’ve had to read both of the Alabama books that we have before bed.  You can identify Denny Chimes already which we all get a huge kick out of!  While you are free to go to most any school that you want to, we hope that your love for Alabama won’t diminish over the years.  

While a lot of little girls your age are all about their baby dolls, you are all about your animals.  You have developed a love of your Belle doll recently and sometimes tolerate pushing your baby dolls around the house in your stroller, you rarely go anywhere without at least one animal!  You have named every animal that you have and most at Memma and Papa’s and get a little annoyed with us when we call an animal the wrong name! You have your favorite — currently Terry (Yorkshire terrier), Sandy (lab puppy), and your Minnie and Mickey — but you sleep with probably 25-30 animals in your crib and which one you wake up holding changes daily.  

Along with your love of jewelry you are also a fashionista.  You love Mommy’s shoes and your own shoes and want to have shoes on at all time.  You have always learned that some things “match” and so have started asking if something matches before you put it on.  You also will always choose to wear a dress over pants if I give you an option.  You love to spin around in your dresses and when we get something on you you always say that you’re beautiful.  You also notice when we get dressed up and tell us that we look beautiful which is sweet!
You are quite the talker these days.  You love yelling “Let’s GO!” when we’re heading out of the house and are putting so many sentences together! Yesterday you yelled to Daddy from your high chair, “Daddy! More applesauce please!”  It’s so impressive how quickly you pick up on new words and you understand just about everything that we say even if you can’t fully verbalize everything exactly that you want yet.
You go back and forth between being a good eater and being a choosy one.  Your favorites are Mac Mac Cheese and grits (the cheese kind of course!) and you have started to like sauces, especially Chick-Fil-A sauce.  You eat three times a day and sometimes, if you remember to ask for one or I remember to offer one, you eat an afternoon snack.  We can definitely tell when you get hungry though because that’s the one time that you get whiny and grumpy, but as soon as we get food in you you get pretty happy again!  You love your milk (although haven’t liked 2% when we’ve given it to you) and also love juice (which we still mix with water).  You also love milk shakes but even when I give you options you will always chose to get a vanilla one rather than chocolate or strawberry.  Ice cream is another thing that you love, but you aren’t a big fan of cake or cupcakes even though from this picture you couldn’t tell it!
You are still my great sleeping girl.  You nap for 3 hours and sleep from 8-8.  Now, to be honest,  you aren’t asleep for that whole time — you like to talk to your animals and sing to yourself for a little while before you go to sleep and when you wake up early — but you are in your crib content and happy for that long which is a great blessing!  Yesterday you actually came to us and said, “Sleepy.  Go crib.” which was a first!  A lot of times when we say it’s time to go upstairs you say “No sleep” and we tell you that you don’t have to sleep in your crib but you have to be in your crib which you’re fine with.  You’ve also started pretending to fall asleep including a pretend snore which is hilarious.  You love waking us up from “sleep” also!
You have just in the last few weeks started to really identify people by their names and have expressed your adoration for some big kids.  You love Sam and Abby and love playing with them.   You also love Lucy and think she’s the coolest kindergartner – soon to be first grader – ever!  You are saying most everyone in the immediate family’s name, although Kevin still is kind of getting overlooked.  You also love your teachers at school (Miss Bonnie and Miss Julie) and are going to be sad once you realize that it’s summer!
Speaking of school, you love it!  You had a great year and grew so much!  You learned how to be content when I left you for the day and made lots of new friends, especially Gracie.  You love your teachers and give them lots of hugs and talk about them a lot.  You also love Miss Amy who teaches you music and talk about sitting on her red carpet so that you can sing.  The last few weeks of school were tough for you with all the change in schedule and routine from the storms and spring break so you sometimes didn’t want to go in the morning, but you were always so happy when I got there to pick you up, and on the last day of school you even ran away from me because you didn’t want to leave!
Miss Amy introduced you to lots of fun new songs including one of your favorites, the “Alligator Song.”  You also love the song “Bubblegum”!  You love to sing and insist on “Charlotte’s music” as soon as we get in the car.  You will dance around to it if we’re playing it in the house too.  You also love to watch Daddy’s U2 concert dvd with him at night.  Y’all jump and dance and you sing along with the music.  A week or so ago Daddy lifted your arms up and had you sway along to the music like the people in the audience were doing and now you often stop and throw your arms up and sway them like that and say, “Naaaaa, Na, Na, Na”!
I know that you love me and your Daddy, but Luca might be your biggest buddy in the house.  You call him “Yuca” and “Buddy” and get so excited when he comes with us to wake you up.  You follow him around the house saying “Hug Yuca” and love to sit down next to him and hug him and pet him.  Thankfully, he is really sweet with you and pretty much lets you do what you want with him.  I guess that’s him repaying you for all of the toys that he’s stolen and eaten!  He’s eaten so many that you know that you have to pick up your toys to keep them “Safe [from] Yuca”.

We have your two year appointment on Wednesday so we’ll get your stats then but you seem to have definitely grown a lot to us!  You are wearing pretty much all 2T clothes and they fit you well.  You wear size 5 diapers and size 7 shoes.  You are still good about letting me put a bow in although I have had to convince you that Minnie wears a bow, therefore so should you, a few times!

I can’t believe that you are already two baby girl!  Last night we were talking about your birthday and you answered “Charlotte’s” when we ask whose birthday tomorrow was.  We are going to have such a fun day and I hope you enjoy every second of it!  You might not remember this birthday, but I want you to know that we celebrated you all day!  We are so glad that you are part of our family and we love you so much!  You are such a wonderful blessing to us Charlotte and we couldn’t be happier and prouder to be your parents.

We love you,
Mommy and Daddy

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  1. Reply
    Doodle Bugs Paper
    May 22, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    happy birthday charlotte! i enjoyed the letter you wrote to her jennifer! She is such a precious little girl!

  2. Reply
    May 22, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    We wish you a Happy, Happy Birthday, sweet Charlotte! We can’t wait to see you today and help you celebrate turning two years old!
    We love you!
    GrandDavid and KayKay

  3. Reply
    May 22, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Charlotte! We hope you have a Happy, Happy Day!
    We love you!
    Memma and Papa G

  4. Reply
    May 25, 2011 at 12:57 pm

    Happy Happy Birthday, sweet Charlotte! What a precious letter. Love all the pictures you selected too….the perfect image of your growing daughter!

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