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Two Year Old Portraits

When I got pregnant with Charlotte one of the first people that I called was Erin Cobb.  I had seen photo’s that she had taken of friends and fell in love with her fresh style of photography.  I knew that I wanted her to shoot our newborn pictures at our home after Charlotte was born.  She came in and made this new mom look pretty good and made Charlotte look like a complete angel (which wasn’t a huge stretch, but her pictures were stunning!).  
We have continued to use Erin over the past two years and were excited to meet up again for Charlotte’s two year portraits a few weeks ago.  We still haven’t seen the full session proofs since Erin’s been out of town, but have our appointment on June 6th and are waiting on pins and needles to see, what I’m sure will be, another spectacular collection!
These are the sneak peek images that Erin posted and they are fantastic!  Charlotte took to Erin quickly as soon as we got there and didn’t even want to come back to us after she had spent some time hanging out with Miss Erin.  Even now, weeks later, she still takes about Miss Erin taking her picture!  They are fast friends!  

See?  Erin and my daughter — big buddies!  She wouldn’t take pictures with Jason and I but posed perfectly for a picture with Erin! 🙂

If you are near the area where Erin shoots or are in a location where she travels to (which happens a lot these days!) you’ve got to check her out!  I am so glad that we’ve found her and would like to think that now we’re even friends.  She will definitely be shooting James’ newborn session in September and many, many more sessions in the years to come!

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