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I was reading through one of my old blog books recently and saw where I did a “Day in Our Life” post and I love re-reading what we were doing at that time.  So I thought I’d do another one.  This is from Monday, November 14th.  It’s a regular Monday with nothing officially scheduled.

6:01 AM – James starts whimpering for the third time and this time decides he wants to get up and doesn’t want to go back to sleep.  I get up and feed him and forgot to take a picture, oops!  Even though James wanted to eat he promptly fell asleep before he was finished so we put him straight back to bed.  We’re hoping to work to a 7 am wake up time….

6:45 AM – After we got James back down I headed out to ride our new exercise bike.  Don’t be impressed, it was just put together yesterday so this is only my second time riding it.  While I have big goals about riding it consistently we’ll see how that pans out.  I love our new bike because it has movable arms too so it works out my back which helps with my scoliosis.  After the bike ride I take a shower and get ready for our day.

8:00 AM – Charlotte’s up!  She wasn’t much for taking pictures for me this morning but I got what I could.

8:15 AM – Breakfast Time for Charlotte

9:00 AM – Wake up and feed James/Charlotte’s Play Time

Charlotte loves picking out James an outfit to wear! If she had her way he’d wear a new one each time we went up to feed him!

9:30 AM – Errands

10:00 AM – James’ Nap Time/Charlotte’s Play Time

11:15 AM – Lunch time!

12:00 PM – Charlotte’s Nap Time

12:15 PM – James’ Lunch Time

12:45 PM – James’ Play time

James was really focused on how in the world he could get the monkey on his bouncer.  He kept trying to reach for it but his arm just couldn’t reach it!

1:15 PM – James’ Nap Time

1:20 PM – Mommy’s Work Time

Today I designed our Christmas cards and worked on this!

3:00 PM – Charlotte’s up!

3:15 PM – James’ Snack Time/Charlotte’s Snack and Play Time

3:45 PM – James’ Play Time

4:15 PM – James’ Nap Time/Charlotte’s Play Time

Showing me her favorite wise man.  Of course, it’s the one in purple!

Today Charlotte helped me draw names for our Christmas exchange with Memma’s family!

5:15 PM – Daddy’s Home…and with a surprise!

5:30 PM – Dinner Time

6:00 PM – James’ Dinner Time/Charlotte’s Bath Time

Charlotte was so excited to take her bath she walked in to the kitchen where we were doing the dishes without her clothes on! She said she had taken them off because she was ready to take a bath!

6:30 PM – James’ Play Time

7:00 PM – James’ Nap Time/Charlotte’s Play Time

7:30 PM – Charlotte’s Bed Time

8:45 PM – James’ Snack and Bed Time

Whew! I’m tired just typing all of this out again!

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    brandy Williams
    January 3, 2013 at 3:59 am

    what is your IG if you don’t mind me asking! (:

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      January 3, 2013 at 4:10 am


      It’s what I use everywhere 🙂


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