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A little boy’s castle

In July I blogged about James’ nursery and I wanted to show the pictures of the finally finished product.  They aren’t the best pictures, I can’t ever figure out when the best time to take pictures up there is because it’s so dark with the shutters closed but too bright with them open, but you can get the idea of what it looks like.

We added in a beautiful canvas from Erin and a sweet storyboard.  It’s the same setup that we had on that wall for Charlotte so we’ll have matching prints when it gets time to start our mega wall collage.

We received this beautiful frame from friends after James was born and I love it.  I put my favorite picture of James and me from his newborn session in it and I love it!

My sweet friend Leigh gave us this cross when James was born and it is the perfect finishing touch under the elephant print.  The print was looking kind of lonely by itself on that wall and I love the cross under it!

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