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Just a little picture post to catch on up some cute pictures and stories that didn’t make their own post!

These two are big buds right now.  When James gets up C runs up to him and yells, “Hey Jamesy!” as close as she can get to his face.  To say that it startles him would be an understatement.  She also always tells him when he starts whimpering, “It’s ok Jamesy we’ll (get you in a minute/be there soon/etc).”

And Charlotte’s a ham.  If you laugh at her she’ll do it and keep doing it until you make her stop.  She also loves doing whatever you’re doing and her favorite game right now is “I’m gonna get YOUR spot!”

As you know, Charlotte is quite a fashionista and shoes are a great weakness of hers like all women in the family.  Memma bought her some boots and she loves wearing her “cowboy boots” as she calls them.  The other day I went to put on my real cowboy boots instead of our matching ones and she got pretty upset until I reassured her that her boots were cowboy boots too.  So, you’ve been warned, if you see her boots and she says they’re cowboy boots, don’t correct her!

James is still loving his activity gym and has gotten the concept of grasping an object.  I’m guessing it’s still a reflex but on Sunday night we watched him hold an object, pick it up to his face, drop it, and pick it back up again so that impressed us!

If Charlotte wasn’t a Daddy’s girl before, she definitely is one now.  Jason is so sweet to help so much with her when he’s home.  Now he’s the one that sings to her last at night when she’s going to bed and she loves it.  I bet that if we tried to switch it back to me when he was up there she’d pitch a fit because she wanted her Daddy.  I’m happy to let them have this time because I get her at nap time during the week and had two years of putting her down.

Lots of smiles coming out of this little guy!

Can you see the attitude?  We’re in the midst of the two’s as I’m sure you can see in this picture when she was telling me to quit taking her picture!

After almost nine solid weeks of waking up typically 4 hours but 5 hours at the absolute most every once in a while at night, we finally got a full night of sleep out James!  And boy was it a doozy with me feeding him at 8:45 and him sleeping until 5:30!  Since that night (the night he turned 9 weeks old) we’ve had two nights when he’s gotten up twice and four nights when he’s slept until anywhere from 5:30 to 6:30.  We’re hoping that tonight will continue our second two night stretch and our continuous sleep nights will become more the normal than the exception.  And from this side of it I’ll say that I think it was worth doing almost 8 weeks of getting up multiple times at night to be able to go straight to this long stretch but I know in the middle of it I definitely would have given my right eyetooth just to be able to sleep 6 hours!

We’re all about eating as a family so James is joining our meals when his schedule allows.  He’s not to sure about being on the table — and Big Sis is REALLY not sure — but we like eating together!  What a crazy thought to think that in a year’s time we really will all be eating dinner together!

I love this sweet train outfit and this sweet boy.  I wasn’t sure that I was going to like dressing a boy because it just seemed like little girl clothes were so much cuter but so far I’ve been able to find lots of cute outfits for our little man.  Jason told James the other day that he thinks that he’s better dressed than his sister was at this age which surprised me but I think might be true!  I’ll credit the advent of flash sites like Zulily to that development!

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