Christmas Craft – Handprint Christmas Trees

Here’s another cute Christmas craft for you to do!

Handprint Christmas Trees

Paint in green, brown, and yellow plus any colors that you want to make ornaments with
Foam brush
Disposable plates/bowls
If you’re a perfectionist like me you’ll always want a ruler and masking tape

Step 1. (Optional) Measure a small distance up from the bottom of your canvas and tape a piece of tape horizontally.  This will be the bottom line of your tree so that it’s roughly straight.

Step 2. Paint your child’s (or children’s) hands and place them on the canvas in a shape of a Christmas tree.  If you have multiple kids with different sized hands use the larger hand on the bottom levels and smaller hands on the top.
Step 3. Freehand (or use a sponge) to put a star on the top of the tree.  Freehand a trunk for your tree.
Step 4. Have your kids dip their fingers (or toes if you have a tiny infant like James!) in different colors and randomly put them on the tree for ornaments.  

In the end you have a finished keepsake!  Make sure to write your kids names and year on the back.  In our situation everything was Charlotte’s except for the red ornaments which were made with one of James’ big toes.

I found this on Ucreate with Kids via Pinterest

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