Christmas Craft – Snowmen Ornaments

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, I’m a tad bit obsessed with Pinterest.  One of the neatest things that I’ve found (in addition to the recipes) is all of the craft ideas that you can do with your kids.  I love doing things like this but I need pictures and instructions and a place to keep all of the ideas other than a drawer or folder full of pages torn out of a magazine.  Pinterest lets me keep things organized as closely grouped as I want and so I’ve actually succeeded in making a good number of crafts.
I found a number of Christmas crafts and have started making them with Charlotte.  In case you’re looking for something fun to celebrate the season this is is a fun craft that turns out really cute with not a lot of effort.  It can get messy so be prepared but the results are adorable!
Snowmen Ornaments

Frosted ornaments of any color of your choosing
White Paint
Black and Orange Sharpie’s
Foam paintbrush
Disposable plate or bowl

Step 1. After getting all your supplies ready and an ornament handy, cover your child’s hand with paint

Watch your child get a kick out of her hand being messy.
FYI, I had one of her Daddy’s shirts for her to wear to paint in but she refused to put it on and wanted to be a “necked noo-noo” instead.  So I just went with it.
Step 2. Have your child hold their hand out flat with their palm up.  Place the ornament in their hand and have them curl their fingers up around the ornament and then let go and pull their hand away.
It helped me to have Charlotte practice doing this a few times without paint in her hand so she knew what I needed her to do when her hand was covered.

Step 3. Leave the ornaments to dry.  I used hole-y trivets for this but egg cartons or anything else where you can set the ornaments without the paint touching would work fine.
Since I used acrylic paint I let them dry overnight because the areas with thick paint took a while to dry.

Step 4. Use the sharpie’s to draw buttons, eyes, a nose, and a hat on your snowmen.  However you do it they end up looking cute so don’t stress!

Step 5. Make sure you put your child’s initials and year on the ornaments so that in twenty years you remember who made it when!

*I got this from Little Bit Funky via Pinterest

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    The Ball Family
    November 26, 2011 at 2:33 am

    Love it!!! We will be making those soon! Would love too see what else y’all make!!!

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