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James at Two Months

Jamesy, you have sprung up into a little infant this month rather than a newborn.  You’ve grown not only in pounds (we think you’re over 10!) and inches (no telling how tall you are since you won’t uncurl to let us measure you!) but in mannerisms and actions.  Now you are smiling at us and cooing and following us with your eyes.  You are becoming such a big sweet little boy!

You are a good little player.  You love your activity gym and will stay contented in it for a while.  You are now batting at the toys hanging in your gym, especially the baseball bear that hangs down pretty low. You coo a lot when you’re playing.  You are a trooper with tummy time and will lay on your tummy working your muscles for at least a few minutes before you get annoyed with it.  You also like sitting propped up in your Boppy especially if I’m in front of you or you can see outside while you’re in it.

And you are sort of ambivalent about your bouncers.  You like the one downstairs (that’s in the picture with C above) much better than the one upstairs.  Maybe because this one has things that dangle in front of you rather than sit in front of you?

Sissy has become a much bigger fan of you this month.  She now asks to hold you some and we encourage that since previously she was avoiding touching you.  She also likes to rub your hair and looks at me and tells me she’s doing it gently while she does it.  
Charlotte also cares about you a lot.  She calls you “Jamesy-boy” which I think is so sweet.  When you are crying on her bed (because she’s taking a while to pick out an outfit — sorry but you’re going to have to get used to that!) she will run over and say, “It’s ok Jamesy-boy, we will get you in a minute!”  She doesn’t like for you to cry and makes sure to let me know if she thinks I’m not responding fast enough.  You will learn a lot having a big sister, but I don’t think you could have a better one than Charlotte!

Your expressions are so fun now!  You give us some big smiles.  We love seeing your dimples and you get excited over something!

You had your first Halloween this year.  You went as Mickey Mouse.  But, sadly, you didn’t get to Trick or Treat because it was too cold.  Next year, I promise!

We can’t wait to see how tall you are and what you weigh at your appointment on Friday.  But until then we know that you have outgrown all newborn clothes including the sleeper gowns.  You are wearing 0-3 month or 3 months clothes and they are fitting you good!  Some are even a little small under your diaper and your feet reach the end of some of the footed outfits!  You are wearing size 1 diapers and they fit you well also, I don’t anticipate moving you out of those any time soon.

You went to your second football game this month (Tennessee) and went down to Tuscaloosa for another game day (LSU).  You seem to like T-town as much as your sister and sleep really well there.  
Speaking of sleep, it’s pretty iffy schedule wise.  It’s much harder to get you on a consistent schedule than it was your sister since we’ve got to ferry her around to her school and gymnastics.  You are a fantastic sleeper in your car seat.  You’ll sleep through about anything and will sleep much longer in your car seat during the day than in your crib.  You are taking all of your naps in your crib.  Most of the time you make some noise about halfway into your nap but you almost always fall back asleep these days.  You are just a loud sleeper in general and make a lot of noise even when you’re asleep.  
Night’s are a lot more inconsistent.  We have yet to find a schedule that works for you and works for us.  We have gotten a few six hour stretches out of you but we typically get between 4 and 5 hour stretches.  The past two nights we have put you down after your feeding at 8:30 and you’ve slept much better the rest of the night.  Two nights ago you only got up once between then and 8 the next morning and last night you got up twice.  We think you’re pretty close to at least sleeping in more consistent stretches and we are really ready for you to.  We think you might sleep longer if you had a passy but you don’t really like it and spit it out so much that it’s frustrating to keep putting it in.  You have started sucking on your fingers so I guess that’s getting you through.  Until you start sleeping longer we’ll just keep trying to figure out what works and keeping trying what we know.

You have developed great head control this month!  You hold it up by yourself most of the time now.  But when you’re sleepy it gets a little wobbly, which is so cute.

Jamesy, I started calling you Jamesy the day you were born because you were just too little and sweet to be called James.  Now it goes back in forth but it’s caught on in our family and a lot of people call you Jamesy now.  We’ll get to James eventually but while you’re still so little you’ll stay Jamesy in my book.  And honestly, I’m not sure that I won’t continue calling you that on occasion for years to come!

You are a sweet and precious little boy and we love you so much.  This has been a rather stress-packed year and we are so thankful that God chose to bless us with you right in the middle of it all so that you would be a reminder of his love.  You are such a blessing and we are so thankful for you.  We love you little boy!

love Mommy

*James at one month
*Charlotte at two months

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    Mrs. Jones
    November 7, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    James is simply precious! I love the picture of him with his bear!

  2. Reply
    November 8, 2011 at 12:11 am

    Happy two month birthday, James!
    KayKay & GrandDavid

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