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Parenting is not for Wimps

While a lot of things are easier with a second — you know what you’re doing so you’re not so stressed and can enjoy the baby stage — I found this week that the first round of shots is a lot worse for the second.  I knew what was coming and so dreaded James’ two month appointment much more than I did Charlotte’s. I knew that Charlotte had to get shots at two months but I didn’t know how awful it would feel to sit there as her Mom and watch it happen.  With James, I knew what was coming.

The bright side of his appointment was that we got to see how much he officially weighed and how tall he was!  That morning Jason and I estimated what we thought he weighed.  I went with 11 pounds and Jason went with 10 and a half.  Then we weighed him on our infant scale and it said 10.8 lbs (so around 10 lbs 13 ounces).  We went into the appointment and were pleasantly surprised to see that all of those guesses were about correct because James weighed 10 lbs 10.5 ounces!  And then he got measured and was 23 inches tall! (Just for record keeping his noggin was 15″.)  Both his height and his weight were close to the 50th percentile.

We knew that was a lot of growth but were kind of surprised when our doctor came in and couldn’t believe the stats.  He asked if the numbers were right and asked if we were feeding him ice cream already!  I guess that’s what you get when your baby continues to wake up almost 3 hours around the clock for the first nine weeks of his life!

After that the fun part was over and James had to get a horribly large number of shots plus a vaccine orally.  He howled while they were doing it but thankfully calmed down once I picked him up and got him dressed again.  He went to sleep when we got home — whether from exhaustion from crying or the tylenol — but was very mad when we got him up to feed the next two feedings.  By his last feeding of the night his little thighs were tight and swollen and he was very mad.  But he slept the whole night without getting up and woke up mostly normal this morning so hopefully the worst of the side effects are over.

I’m definitely not looking forward to our four month visit!  Even though I knew what to expect I had forgotten how bad it is to watch such a little baby get so many shots!

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