Pumpkin Time

We got pumpkins on our trip to the Pumpkin Patch the first weekend in October but waited to carve ours until two days before Halloween because, well, ours last year was a little too ripe by the time Halloween came around.  Charlotte was really excited to finally get a Jack-o-lantern of her very own and I don’t think the experience disappointed!
She learned a new word during the carving process, “guts.”  Here she is checking them out.
We had to talk her in to touching them but eventually she did.
Once she got a seed she was very proud of it.  We now have four pumpkin seeds that we’re going to plant.
She loved helping Daddy scoop out the guts.

Charlotte picked out the shapes for the face.  Triangles for the eyes.  A circle for the nose.  And she wanted NO TEETH so a rectangle for the mouth.

Overall the pumpkin carving was a big success.  We had to turn it him towards the house so that she could see his face from the front door and she loved looking at him and showing him to visitors.

The only negative came this morning when it was time to throw them away and she got real concerned about why they had gone away and when they were coming back.  We reassured her that we would get more pumpkins NEXT Halloween!

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