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The game of the century

Even back in the summer we knew the Alabama/LSU game would be a big one for our season.  We hoped that we would enter the game ranked highly and hopefully undefeated and we hoped that LSU was doing well so that it would be a good game.  But, we definitely didn’t want to enter the game #1 vs #2 with our National Championship hopes on the line.  At least I didn’t want that!
But it seems that everyone else in the country wanted a #1 vs #2 matchup and they got their wish.  The weeks leading up to the game had more hype than I knew possible for a non-championship game.  All week ESPN ran features on us and LSU — they even drove to work with Coach Saban one day!  Gameday rolled into town on Thursday which is unprecedented.  The hype was unmatched and we knew that it would play a factor in the game.
There was so much going on that we decided that Jason was going to take off work on Friday and we were going to head down early.  We needed a break and some family time and decided that this was the best way to make it happen.  That meant we had a relaxed day on Friday and the entire day on Saturday to wait for the game.  The waiting was hard but it finally got time for game time!

As you can see it was a beautiful day which was really nice.  It wouldn’t have been fun to have been in the condo all day anticipating the game with a rainy, dreary day.  Even though the temps were a tad cooler than I would have liked with two kiddos out it was almost a perfect day leading up to the game.

We got a cute picture with Memma and Papa with everyone in their game clothes!

I love this outfit that James has on!  I actually bought it in March at an end of season sale way before we knew we were having a boy.  I just had a hunch!  I remember calling Jason when I left telling him that I just bought two boy outfits.  He thought I was crazy but I knew! I’m so glad I got this little outfit and that I was able to monogram it.  It’s the perfect T-town outfit and is corduroy so it was the perfect weight for cooler temperatures.

Charlotte lived on the balcony this weekend.  She loved seeing planes and helicopters and would get so excited and wanted to show everyone any time she saw one!

Before we headed out for pre-game festivities we took some family pictures on the balcony.  They might not be the best smiles (or any smiles) out of both of them but I love how they turned out!

After pre-game Jason brought me and the kids back to the condo and then he went to the game.  James had miraculously slept from 8 until 8 on Friday night only getting up once so I wanted to help establish him on this new routine in hopes of getting him to sleep through the night.  And with the much too cool weather at night and the fact that the game didn’t start until it was basically time for Charlotte’s bedtime, I offerred to stay home and let Jason go to the game.  I didn’t want both of us to miss it and since he hasn’t been able to golf since before James was born I thought this might be a suitable alternative! 🙂  Sadly, the game didn’t end the way we would have wanted but it definitely was a nail biter!  Charlotte and I enjoyed watching it from the couch until it was bedtime.

Maybe the rest of the season will shake out well and we’ll get a rematch in New Orleans.  If not, I know that we played hard against LSU but didn’t capitalize on our opportunities.  Regardless, we had a really fun weekend.  And my choice to stay home with James was rewarded with him finally sleeping through the night on Monday night! But more on that later!

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  1. Reply
    Mrs. Jones
    November 11, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    I’m still wishing for a different outcome to that game – but James’ outfit was just precious! Roll Tide!

  2. Reply
    November 19, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    I just love these pictures. Everybody’s in their Bama best! Thanks again for the chance to go to the game. I’m thinking if we have a rematch, maybe I should stay home and you should go!

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