Christmas Craft – Footprint Reindeer

Here’s another Christmas craft!
Footprint Reindeer

Brown, Red, Blue paint
Black Sharpie
Foam brush
Disposable plates/bowls

Step 1: Cover your child’s foot with brown paint.  Press the foot onto the canvas.
If you have one child have them do both feet.  If you have more than one child have each child place one foot on the canvas.
Step 2. Let the paint dry.
Step 3. Coat your child’s thumb in red paint and press it on the heel of their footprint to make Rudolph’s nose.
Step 4. Coat either your child’s thumb or other finger in blue paint and press on the footprint to make eyes.
Step 4. Using a sharpie, draw antlers on the feet.
Step 5. Write your child’s name, age, and year on the back of the canvas. 

I found this from Mommy in the Baking via Pinterest

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