Christmas Craft – Salt Dough Gift Tags

I know that we’re already in to the new year but I didn’t get all of my posting from Christmas done before Christmas so I’m going to catch up a little!

I saw a recipe for Salt Dough Ornaments on Pinterest and thought I’d try them to make ornaments and gift tags with Charlotte and James.  I don’t love how they turned out for ornaments — honestly they cooked kind of funny and they aren’t evenly colored for some reason — but they were adorable as gift tags!  I used the instructions from the above link but they didn’t really work so I’m not going to list measurements here. I’d find a different recipe or someone whose made them before — I’m sure a lot of it was user error!

After we mixed up the dough Charlotte and I rolled it out on a pizza peel (it was the best thing I could find!).

We used mini cookie cutters from Hobby Lobby to make lots of little shapes in addition to the handprints that didn’t really work out.  They were cute!

After they cooked (and about a week later) we sat down to decorate them.  Charlotte was excited because I told her that it would be messy!  Do you see “Bippy” in the background with his pink polka dot bib on so that he doesn’t get messy??!?

We glittered and painted and Charlotte had a blast!  Glitter is STILL all over our house!

But they turned out really cute!

ANOTHER week later I got around to writing names on the back and stringing them to presents.  We got rave reviews everywhere we went at Christmas.  And if everyone so chooses they can use them as ornaments on their tree’s next year!

A few notes:
– Dogs LOVE these and they are BAD for them.  Luca ate like 5 or 6 before we realized it and put them where he couldn’t reach them.  He was fine since they were so little and were cooked but there was some panic for a little while until we talked to the emergency vet.  If you’re going to make these make sure they are OUT OF REACH of your dog!
– To get the glitter to stick I put clear glue on them first.  It probably wasn’t the best way to achieve the look but I couldn’t figure out how to do it better?  The glitter kept coming off even after a heavy shake multiple times.  Just be prepared with what you’re getting yourself into.
– We also used some cheap kids paint that we had around the house.  When Charlotte globbed it on it kind of cracked once it dried.  You might want to try and edit your kids handiwork if you go that route.

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