Bunny Brunch

Some of our friends, Mrs Stacey and William, invited Charlotte and I to attend the Bunny Brunch with them.  So the weekend before Easter Charlotte and I went to join them at brunch!

We had been talking about the Bunny Brunch all week and Charlotte was pretty excited.  She couldn’t stop talking about seeing the Easter Bunny which surprised us.  We knew that her track record with Santa wasn’t good and she wanted nothing to do with the Easter Bunny last year, but she kept insisting that she was going to sit in the Easter Bunny’s lap.

The night before the brunch we talked about the Easter Bunny some more and she asked some very serious questions like “Does the Easter Bunny have a car?”.  She also said that she was going to take him bunny food because it’s his favorite.  A few minutes later she amended that to say that we also needed to take him a towel so that he could clean his hands off after he ate his bunny food!

Despite all of that talk, when the time came to see the Easter Bunny she caved and didn’t want to give him a hug.  We walked in to the brunch and had to pass him and she got overwhelmed between him, a new surrounding, and lots of kids, some of which were crying.  So she clung pretty tight to me for the first part of the brunch but eventually started munching on muffins and fruit and enjoying herself.  She was fascinated with the top that came in her treat bag!

Once brunch was over we all headed over for an Easter egg hunt.  The Easter bunny followed us out of the building and I thought she might get a little scared but as soon as she saw him pass us she dropped my hand and said that she was going to race him and skipped/ran behind him all the way to the egg hunt!

We spent a few minutes waiting for the hunt to begin and then the kids were off!  Charlotte had no problem going on her own to get eggs.  And she was really good at holding her basket and getting eggs.

She was excited when she found her first purple egg

She later used her head and started conserving energy by setting her basket down and getting eggs and taking them back to her basket.  She made that change after she dumped some eggs out of her basket accidentally!

Charlotte gave Mrs Stacey a big hug before we left! We were glad that we Stacey and William invited us to go with them!

Even though she didn’t want anything to do with the Easter bunny for most of the time, when we left she wanted to wave bye to him!

And she was so excited to show me how the Eater Bunny waved with both hands!

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