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Gramme’s Birthday

March and April are big birthday months in our family.  My brother’s birthday is in March followed two weeks later by mine.  Gramme’s birthday is in the middle of ours and our cousin Anna’s birthday is after mine.  When Jason’s family got added to ours we added in his March birthday and his Mom’s April birthday.  And I have another cousin whose birthday is in March too!  It’s led to some good conversations with Charlotte about birthday’s and she knows exactly when her birthday is and is ready for it!

Last week we celebrated Charlie’s birthday with a dinner at Mom and Dad’s on Wednesday.  And then on Friday we celebrated Gramme’s birthday with lunch out.  Charlotte was very excited to make them both cards.  She put a lot of effort into them and used a lot of stickers!  I should have taken a picture of them because one of Gramme’s cards had at least two fifty sticker sheets of stickers on it but they were all on top of each other in a big circle!
Friday at lunch we headed to a local restaurant to celebrate Gramme.  We missed Papa in our gathering but were glad that we got to show Gramme how much we love her.  

James sat in his booster at lunch and munched on bread and puffs and wrenches.  He did really good and enjoyed flirting with Gramme during lunch and Carrie after lunch!

We all love you so very much!  You are such a wonderful woman and I am so thankful that you are my grandmother.  Throughout everything that has happened over the past few years you have handled each situation with beauty and grace.  I hope one day to be half the woman that you are.  You inspire me daily to live life for others and for Christ.  I love you!

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