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We have had our Easter tree up since the beginning of March and we have been talking about Easter constantly.  It still wasn’t until the night before Easter when we read the Easter story as part of our bedtime books that Charlotte started asking questions about Easter.  She asked why Jesus had to die for us and where he lives now.  It’s hard to know how to explain in terms that an almost three year old can understand but I’m glad that she’s starting to think about it.  Hopefully, with God’s help, we’re laying the groundwork for her to come to a saving relationship with Christ in a few years.  That is our greatest calling after all, to model and introduce our children to Christ.
Our Easter Sunday was a wonderful, but very busy day.  The excitement of the Easter Bunny visiting only added to the business of the morning.  Charlotte was very excited about the treats that he left and she said that James was too!
After a breakfast of blueberry muffins we took some pictures in our Easter finery.  I wanted to get some at home since I knew we wouldn’t really be able to set James down for pictures outside of the church.

We then left to go to church.  We haven’t taken all of us to church in a number of months since James naps during church.  We’ve been leaving James with my parents or taking turns taking Charlotte to church.  That made getting ready for all of us to go to church a little crazy but we managed to get everyone there and even brought flowers to put on the cross!

James didn’t do great during the service and I ended up having to take him outside to get him to nap for a few minutes.  I hated that I had to miss most of the service but that’s part of it I guess.  Our day was made even more special because we joined our church.  We’ve been visiting for over a year and were happy to finally be able to officially join.  We are excited about what God is going to do in our family through our new church.  It was a wonderful day to join this new church family as we celebrated our Risen Savior.

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    April 16, 2012 at 12:49 am

    I just love the blue and white…so southern!

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