Building a home

A few months ago I explained my lack of blogging to some things that were happening in our family and leaving little time for blogging.  I got a couple questions regarding whether there was another baby on the way (NO!) but never explained here what is going on so I thought I’d share today!

Jason and I have always wanted to build a home.  Even though we are both engineers the left side of our brains work hard too and we have wanted to put our creativity to use to build a dream house.  So in February we started pursuing some possibilities to buy a lot.  Our location and budget were pretty tight so we weren’t sure if something would work out.  After a few weeks of checking out possibilities we realized that there wasn’t anything on the market that would meet all of our needs and so, before calling the whole thing off, we decided to look at some houses for sale in our neighborhood.

To say that I was underwhelmed with what I saw would be an understatement.  The houses were beautiful but would require more work than we would want to put into a  house that didn’t have a perfect layout.  And then all of a sudden one offhand comment caused us to check into a lot that wasn’t on the market.  It ended up being a perfect time as the seller was ready to unload the piece of land and gave us a great price for it.  So at the end of March we closed on a new lot and started the process of building a home!

We are really excited, if a bit overwhelmed, with this whole process.  We are getting close to having plans finalized and are starting to look at finishings which is very fun but the options are endless!  I hope to start featuring some of our decisions and pictures and designs over the next months.  We would like to be in our new home this time next year but we’ll see if that happens.

In the meantime, if you have any recommendations for products, businesses, colors, websites…really anything at all please send the our way!  And if the blogging becomes even more infrequent than it has been since James arrived please excuse me.  Our life is getting a lot crazier!

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