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Sissy and her brother

The loving, if tenuous, relationship between Charlotte and James has gotten a little more strained in the past few weeks.  James has started army crawling everywhere which means that if Charlotte has a toy or game or animal on the floor and is playing with it, then chances are good that James will high-tail it over to her and try to play too.  Thankfully she’s learning that if she has something that she doesn’t want James to get she needs to leave it out of his reach.  The couch is a safe place for now but I don’t know what we’re going to do when he starts really pulling up and that’s out too!

So I was happy when Charlotte came down from her bath yelling, “I’ll get him! I’ll get him!” and ran to me to get James after I fed him.  Thankfully she wasn’t too upset when we explained that she couldn’t get him and carry him yet but that we could take some pictures of her holding him.

It was a little awkward having James in her lap like this since he’s a lot bigger than last time she tried to hold him.   He was a little confused as to what was going on but Charlotte was happy!

We had told Charlotte to put her arm around James but apparently she heard “put your arm up”.

After we got some good pictures Charlotte wanted to tickle James.  He wasn’t sure what was going on with that either!

So he started trying to tickle her!

We are thankful that the transition to having James was fairly drama free from Charlotte but I can see that that’s about to change now as her domain is being invaded daily.  Thankfully she is starting to like playing with James which is fun.  This week she even worked on her car noises playing with him!

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