The Big Dance

If you live in a house with a former baseball player you would probably refer to the Major Leagues as “The Big Dance.”  But these days that term is coming to be known for something else: recital.
Last summer when Charlotte first saw a Mickey episode where Mickey got tap shoes she immediately started saying that she wanted Santa to bring her a pair of tap shoes.  Santa came through and brought a pair of tap shoes and a pair of ballet shoes for her!  She was excited about them but with a three month old in the house they got put away for a while.
Even without shoes though, we’ve been talking with Charlotte about her starting dance classes in the fall.  Some fun books at her birthday (Tallulah’s Tutu, Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet, Angelina Ballerina) helped get her even more excited to dance.  So when I told her that we were going to see Abby’s dress rehearsal and recital Charlotte was almost too excited to contain herself!

 We went to dress rehearsal first so that we could see Abby and the big stage where the girls dance.  Charlotte was fascinated with Abby’s sparkly cheerleading uniform that she wears in one of her dances and wouldn’t stop touching it.  She sat enthralled through over an hour of dances and kept asking when it was HER turn to dance on the big stage!  After Abby’s second dance Charlotte even got to go back stage to see Abby and meet some of her friends!

On Saturday, we headed to the matinee recital.  Abby would have a few dances in the matinee but we would mostly see the pre-school girls do dances like Charlotte will next year.  I’m not sure if you can glean the depth of her emotion from this picture but she was so excited to be going to recital!

We went in and found our seats and were excited to find that we were on the fifth row and could see great!  Charlotte was excited to be there but got a little antsy wondering when her promised popcorn was arriving and when the dancers were coming.  The wait was made more fun though because Abby got to sit with us for the first portion of the recital until it was her turn to dance.

Charlotte sat on the edge of her seat the entire recital!  She loved the costumes and now keeps asking us when we’re going to get her one of the pretty green costumes that she saw.  She was enamored with the girls “funny hair” for the Lion King number where they had a tutu on their heads.  She loved seeing Abby’s friends and they were so sweet to Charlotte and loved talking to her!  It was a great experience and I am so excited that it worked out that we got to go.

Hopefully Charlotte will remember how much she wanted to dance on the big stage this time next year when it’s her turn!  For now though she’s just excited for dance camp to start on Monday!

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