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Three Fourths


I know I say this every month but HOW is it that you are NINE months old?!?! In three very short months that will FLY by you will be a one year old!  This month has been so big for you physically and it has been so much fun to see you progress!

We’ve been to the pool a handful of times now.  Some days you LOVE it and just sit relaxed in your float for almost an hour before getting cranky.  And other days you don’t want anything to do with being in the water.  It’s so funny to see you go back and forth and makes going to the pool a little difficult because we don’t know what James we’re going to get!

You are so sweet and are still tilting your head a little when you see someone and want to smile.  Those dimples come out and whoever you’re smiling at is a goner.  We’re going to have our work cut out for us little man because you are a cutie!
You have also started “talking” a lot more this month and we couldn’t be happier about it.  You say MaMa and DaDa along with a lot of babbling.  When you have finished everything on your tray at dinner you also start yelling something that sounds like a combination of “Mo/Ma” and that’s really the only time it sounds like that so I think you’re trying to tell us that you want more!

We finally took you to the church nursery this month and you did great.  You’ve gone three times and twice you sat in the swing and slept the whole time and the other you sat in one of the workers laps and played happily.  You are so sweet and go with the flow and are great with whatever we throw at you.

One of your favorite activities now is being sat down next to your basket of toys and pulling them all out.  It’s hilarious to see you spend so much time taking them out, examining them, playing with them for a few seconds, and then throwing them across the room for a new toy!

We changed your schedule this month and took you to feeding four times a day (7:30, 11, 3:30, 7:15).  The first few days you were really sleepy at that last feeding (and occasionally still are) but you took to the new schedule like a champ.  You love being awake and are playing so much these days.  It’s so nice to get to spend long periods of time with you.  Daddy especially loves it because it means that you are awake the entire time between when he gets home and bedtime!  You are napping from 9:30 – 11 and from 1 – 3:30.

The day after your 8 month birthday you rolled over from your back to your front in bed and since then you’ve been constantly in motion.  For a week or so you slept primarily on your tummy in bed but now you’ve evened out and sleep about half on your back and half on your tummy.  It really depends on how tired you are when we put you down.  If you’re really sleepy you’ll just start snoozing as soon as we lay you down but if you’re going to play a little bit you’ll end up on your tummy.  We also moved your crib down this month because you were starting to reach up for the rails and I didn’t want you to pull up for the first time in the bed!

Speaking of pulling up, you aren’t pulling up on furniture yet but are getting close because you’re now starting to pull up onto things around you from your bottom to on your feet.  Usually it’s as part of a movement to get to your tummy from a sitting position but you have stayed like that for a little while a few times.

And you are definitely crawling now!  Not on your hands and knees, but you are a FAST army crawler and can be out the room in seconds if you want to.  You are finding yourself in some predicaments (like stuck under your play table in this picture) but mostly are just interested in checking out your surroundings.  One of your favorite things to do is to push a round tupperware container around the house (it’s on its side).  As it rolls away from you you scoot up next to it and push it off again.  It’s pretty cute to watch!  And we’ve found that the one thing that you will ALWAYS beeline for if you see it is a cell phone.  You will drop whatever you’re playing with and make for the phone as quickly as possible when you see one!

You are working on “for real” crawling too and I’ve seen you take an actual crawl step with one hand and one foot once.  But a lot of times these days you are just pushing yourself up onto your hands and toes.  Sometimes you stick your hiney in the air and sometimes you just look like you’re working on your pushups.  You are definitely getting stronger!
You have become a great eater.  You eat three times a day with us and will try anything we put in front of you.  You love fresh strawberries but aren’t too fond of pancakes.  You have eaten pasta but I think found it too sticky since it didn’t have any sauce on it.  Last night you enjoyed some mashed potatoes finger style while celebrating Memma and Papa’s anniversary.  You love any kind of crackers and light up when you see Baby Mum Mum’s.  You are eating baby food great and we’re giving you between 1 and 2 containers a day of it.  You look longingly at our plates when we eat though so we’re going to work on introducing you to more and more table food.  Yesterday at lunch you had some cooked carrots and ate them pretty well until they started to get cold (I don’t blame you!).  
Our one negative eating wise this month has been that you’ve decided you don’t want a bottle or pumped milk in any other drinking device.  You will push hard (that’s probably why you’re working on push up’s!) to keep the bottle (or sippy) away from your mouth and if you do happen to get some milk in your mouth you’re more likely to spit it out than swallow it.  This is extremely frustrating for me as we have some things planned in the next few months that will require nights away from you and I would like to be a little more lenient on when I schedule meetings but I’m hopeful that it’s just a phase kind of like your sister’s nursing strike almost exactly at this time in her life.  We’ll just wait and see I guess.

Yesterday I took you to the doctor for your nine month checkup.  Your doctor said that you looked great and you wowed him with all the “MaMa’s” that you were saying while reaching for me once he started checking you out.  You weighed 16 lbs 8 oz (5th percentile) and were 27.5 inches long (25th percentile).  Your sweet head was 17.3 inches around (15th percentile).  

We love you so much James and are so thankful for your precious little life!
love, Mommy

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    June 7, 2012 at 12:34 am

    Happy 9 months birthday, James!
    Love, KayKay & GrandDavid

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    Tripp and Kelly Dixon
    June 7, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    Precious! I can’t believe he is 9 months old either! What are baby mum mums?

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