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Experiment Girl – Kitchen Fireworks

This is another experiment from Play Create Explore.  It’s, again, no mess (my favorite kind of experiment) but you get big bang for your buck (effort) with this one.  Charlotte loved watching the food coloring explode when it hit the water and we kept dropping more in until we ended up with pitch black water!

Kitchen Fireworks

Immediacy of results: Immediate
Prepwork needed: None other than getting materials
Time required: 5+ Minutes

Materials Needed:
Clear container
Food Coloring

Step 1. Fill your container with water.  Add about an inch of oil to the top of the water.

Step 2. Start adding drops of food coloring to your water.  Start with red and yellow and then move on to blue and green.  (Blue and Green will take less time to drop through the oil but with older kids that would be a good time to talk about whether they think different colors will drop at different rates of speed.)

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