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Experiment Girl – Smush Paintings

When Charlotte asked for an art experiment as opposed to the science experiment that I had planned for that day I went with the easiest thing that I could think of and made up a catchy name for it.  Thus became Charlotte’s favorite experiment so far…. Smush Paintings!

Smush Paintings

Immediacy of results: Immediate
Prepwork needed: None other than getting materials
Time required: 5+ minutes
Materials Needed:
Construction Paper
Step 1. Let your child select construction paper and paint colors and match them as desired.
And just in case you are wondering, this is the face of a little girl who is tired of her Mommy photographing everything they do for the blog.  🙂
Step 2. Fold construction paper in half  and then unfold.  Put blobs of paint on one side.  (This leads to a good counting activity of counting how many blobs are on the paper.)

Step 3. Fold construction back in half and let your child “smash” it together.  They should move their hands and fingers all over the construction paper to move the paint around.  They can also draw letters or shapes in the painting with their fingers.

Step 4. Marvel at your handiwork!

This is a really easy, no mess project to do.  Some things to think about though is that you want enough paint so that it smushed together on the construction paper but not enough that it’s going to ooze out the sides of the paper while your child is smushing.

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