Construction Chronicles – Standstill

Well I haven’t posted much over the last three weeks because we’ve been at a standstill.  There have been things happening behind the scenes but not much that you can see in person.  We successfully got the lot cleared and excavated out to street level which was exciting.  But then we were stuck because we were/are still waiting on construction drawings to be finished up.  So for the past three weeks this has what our lot has looked like.

There have been some fun things happening though.  We started looking to finalize exterior colors and so got our brick field panel built with two different shades of mortar.

Here’s the field panel right after the brickmasons got finished.  The mortar was still wet (literally, the mason was right behind us as we took this picture with our phone) and the brick was in the shade.  It honestly doesn’t look anything like the dry panel but this is the only picture I can find without the trim samples in front of it.

Here is the mortar that we chose along with our first round of trim samples.  These trim sample colors have since been nixed.

Here are the trim samples against the second mortar color as well as a little of the chosen.
We have decided to go with a Jenkins Brick option called Spanish Moss.  The two mortar colors that we sampled were Savannah Ivory (left hand side) and Putty (right hand side).  We chose to go with the Ivory color although they look very similar in person.
You can see the Sherwin Williams paint colors on the trim options.  The center one was matched to Eagle’s Acorn clad color with the idea of the top color as the trim color and the bottom color as the siding color.  We don’t love this combination and are trying to finalize a window vendor and then choose colors from that.
In the meantime, we headed to the lot one night to get pictures of the trim and field panel and Charlotte enjoyed running around in the dirt in a rather unique outfit.

You can see how much dirt they dug out of the lot in this picture.  They left the raised areas around that side of the footprint of the house.  I can’t really envision how the house is going to be level based on what the lot looks like right now but I’m sure they’ll manage it!

Charlotte’s posing next to the deer tracks that we saw in the lot.  She’s excited to think that the deer already love our house!

We’ve finalized other items like appliances and plumbing behind the scenes over this week.  Having a good idea of actual fixtures in the new house has helped pique our excitement and keep us occupied throughout the long wait to actually start construction.  But we are now back on track and set to start our foundation this week as soon as our builder gets home from vacation.  Hopefully the pictures from  next week will look very different!

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