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Experiment Girl – Monoprints

This experiment is the opposite of the no-mess finger painting that I posted about yesterday.  This one is all about getting messy and the messier the better!  This is another experiment from Play Create Explore.  I still am not really sure where the “monoprint” name comes from and don’t have the time or desire to look it up, but that’s what she called it so I’m sticking with it.

Charlotte loved getting messy but didn’t really enjoy making the monoprints like were shown in the original post.  She preferred to make handprints on paper instead which I was all for since I don’t have any recent handprints.  The clean up was pretty easy considering the mess that this made.  I just stuck the cookie sheet in the sink and let it rinse all the paint off while I cleaned Charlotte’s hands!


Immediacy of results: Immediate
Prepwork needed: None other than getting supplies
Time required: Any
Materials Needed:
Cookie sheet
Washable paint
Construction paper
Anything that you want your child to play with in the paint
Step 1. Put some paint on a cookie sheet and let your child move it around with any tools that you want to give them.

Step 2. Once the paint has been spread around.  Put a piece of construction paper on the paint and have your child press down.

Step 3. Pull the paper off of the paint and you have a monoprint!

Step 4. Then let your child explore with the paint and make whatever kind of art she wants!

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