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Experiment Girl – No Mess Finger Painting

I had seen this around the internet but don’t have a specific link.  This is a super easy, no mess project that I thought Charlotte would love but she wasn’t interested in a craft on the day that we tried it and it fell flat.  I’ll probably try it again on a day when she’s in a better mood.

No Mess Finger Painting
Immediacy of results: Immediate
Prepwork Needed: None other than getting materials
Time required: less than 15 minutes

Materials Needed:
Large plastic bags
Construction paper

Step 1. Put construction paper in plastic bags.

Step 2. Squeeze paint on construction paper and seal bags.

Step 3. Use tape to secure bags to table.
This step is optional but helps your child be able to “paint” with both hands as opposed to using one to keep the bag still.
Step 4. Let your child go wild smushing and drawing in the paint that’s contained in the bag.
It was a little difficult to get the paper out of the bag so if you want to save the painting this might not be the best activity or you might want to use less paint.  But this would be a great way to keep your child occupied or practice writing letters or numbers or drawing.  If would also possibly be a good thing to occupy your child in a car on a long car ride.  But if you’re using it in that way I would probably double bag the paper and paint because if you smushed hard agains the corners of the zipper some paint did ooze out of our bags.
As a sidenote, I added a tab at the top of the blog for ‘Activities for Kids’.  If has a picture and name of all of the activities that I’ve blogged as well as a link to the post about it.  I will be updating it as posts get published.

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