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Why I Hated Meredith’s First Grade Teacher by Kylene Beers
Great post about the tug of war inside Momma’s as they send their little one’s off to school.  On one hand you want your child to have an awesome teacher who loves them and teachers them and takes great care of them but on the other you’re a little jealous about how much love then gets showered on the teacher from your child!

A Prayer for a Daughter by Ann Voskamp
A beautiful prayer for our daughter’s and ourselves and any woman that you know.  Ann has a way with words and her’s always bring me closer to the Father!

The Talk by Glennon at Momastery
What do I want my kids to be? Compassionate.  A great post about how to talk to your child before school starts about being compassionate to those that are a little different or hurting.  And also a great reminder to be compassionate in my own life.

Seam of the Sky by Angie Smith
This post gave me chills.  You MUST read it.

Casting a Vision in the Heart of a Child by The Better Mom
Such a timely reminder about not just teaching your child to be polite and obey, but teaching your child about how to recognize the dreams that God has planted in their hearts and encouraging them to fulfill those dreams.

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