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I have a LOT of blogs in my Google Reader.  And a lot I end up leaving unread in my reader because I  like to go back and read them over and over again.  So I’m going to start sharing links to these that I love.  This probably won’t be weekly but on occasion when I have a lot saved I’ll do a post with them.

Jen Wilkin’s Gladness Immeasurable – One of the most important things that I read as a mother of a daughter and a mother of a son was, “If you considered my daughters as valuable as if they were your own, you would raise different sons.”  I want to strive to raise James to be the right kind of man and Charlotte to be the right kind of woman.

JMom’s In Progress – My favorite paragraph was, “But isn’t sanctification, by definition, the extension of this process [training children] into our adult lives?  At what age do we suddenly expect perfection? I have no desire to glorify sin or to ‘accept’ that I am just wired to be a sarcastic, selfish, impatient know-it-all.  Jesus died and rose again to free me from the prison of those things.  But I do want to live a life of authenticity that gives God the glory for the parts of me that reflect Him and recognizes that there’s still a chunk that is in need of chiseling.”  This really speaks to the perfectionist in my personality!

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