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Sharing Snacks

I feel like James has been totally MIA on the blog recently since the posts on Charlotte’s experiments have been going up.  Not that that means that we haven’t been having fun with him but those pictures are just waiting to be edited.  I did grab this one last night though and edit it really quick so that I could at least show a quick peek at him!

We’ve found that when we give James some small snacks after his nap that he’s much happier between then and dinner time.  But he hasn’t gotten the hang of the snack trap yet and also isn’t big enough to fend off Luca’s scavenging ways.  So we’ve started getting Charlotte to share her snacks with James.  I usually get C a snack trap with the mini Club Crackers and ask her to share and James follows her around as she doles out crackers to him until they’re all gone.  It’s pretty cute! And, so far, effective!

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