All Over the Place

Just to continue in all of the James-love, here are some pictures that I took one afternoon in the foyer.  Jamesy is hilarious and such a sweet little boy!
Crawling in his preferred mode — with his left leg just hanging out and his right doing all the pushing.  Papa hypothesizes that he does it because it’s quicker to get back to sitting on his bottom.  I find that he crawls like this more on the hardwood and crawls regular on the carpet.  Regardless of why he does it, it gets the job done and he is FAST!

James and Luca are big buds.  Or want to be if I would let them.  James loves petting Luca and Luca loves trying to lick James and following after him to clean up the dropped snacks!

I love, love, love this picture.  You can see his teeth — he has six now!! — and his big eyes.  Just a hint of his dimples.  He’s going to give us a run for our money!

James loves these cookies and gets all into “pretend” eating with his sister.  Neither of them has mastered the fact that to pretend eat you don’t actually put the food in your mouth!

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