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August Randoms

I’ve got a number of random pictures from the month of August that don’t warrant their own post.  I thought I’d combine them all into one big roundup before I move on to September!

Charlotte really enjoyed making Zoku pops!

We’ve never been big Olympics fans until this year.  Charlotte asked to watch gymnastics every morning (thank you dvr!) and I loved watching her get so excited when the Fab Five won the all around!

We knew that James would be a climber ever since he tried to climb on his activity table before he could even pull up to standing by himself on it, but scaling Sissy’s steps and trying to get on her bed is a little more than I bargained for!

Jason and I got two great date nights on consecutive weekends to friend’s weddings!

James took his first walk in the wagon and loved every second of it…except the seconds where Daddy paused and quit moving and then it was whines and grunts until the movement started again!

James loves “helping” fold clothes.  On this morning he was particularly happy to help get Daddy’s socks wet again.

Sweet little guy skinned his chin for the first time this month.  Sadly, he did it on Sissy’s dollhouse and not in some manly way.  He handled it like a pro though!

You wonder how many babies Charlotte sleeps with? This is a nightly average.

I got my bangs re-cut this month.  I showed my hairdresser the above picture of Jennifer Garner from Pinterest.  I said that I would pay good money if she could make my face look just like hers too.  No such luck, but I am happy to have my bangs back!

Charlotte took her first solo trip to T-town with Memma, Carrie, Sam, and Abby.  I was a little concerned at how she would do without Jason and I but it sounds like she did great.  The only hiccup was that she refused to go to the Alpha Chi skit rehearsal (which was the reason they went down) but she just stayed at the condo with Memma and Sam and had fun playing.

Flippy Floppy joined our family one night when we went to the mall.  He has been Charlotte’s companion since that night and has even gotten patched up by Doc Charlotte when he “hurt” his arm!

You know it’s crazy weather when you’re in Alabama in mid-August and your kids have on sweaters and sweatshirts for a walk!  I think this was after the dinner where Charlotte and James both screamed/cried throughout dinner and we REALLY needed to get out of the house.  It had just rained and was kind of foggy still.  We were honestly the only people outside and it was so peaceful and nice. And quiet after the noise-filled dinner we had just had!

Not only did we go to two wedding’s and went to dinner for our anniversary, we also went to a concert this month!  Jason Isbell was playing nearby and we headed out for his concert, at a bar, that started at 9:30 PM!  I won’t lie and say that I had the best time of my life or anything, but Jason had fun so that’s all that really matters.

We love snuggles with our girl after naptime while brother’s still asleep!

How grown-up does she look??!!? She loves going grocery shopping with me and now that she’s older I love taking her.  This was our trip right before school started when we picked out things for her lunch together.  I like to think that she just likes spending the time with me, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I think her main love is the free cookies with sprinkles that she gets at the bakery!

Charlotte started dance this month and walked in without a tear or a backwards glance.  The week of dance camp this summer was worth every penny because going every day she conquered any jitters about it and has loved her class this fall!

After the first day of school we went to get yogurt.  James and I didn’t get any and in order to keep him entertained I took some pictures of him where he could seem himself.  He loved the baby in the phone! I’m pretty partial to him too!

The next time I talked to my parents after this morning I apologized for any times that I ever did this to them growing up.  We were about to pull out of the garage when Charlotte yelled out, “Mommy! Mommy! Mrs. B said that we could bring our favorite toy to school today!”  Thankfully she knew exactly what she wanted and could tell me exactly where her puppy was.  She told me that afternoon that she was the only one that remembered her toy.  I just asked her to next time remind me before we were in the garage!

Our allergies and James getting two new teeth has led to some tense nights at our house.  The pre and post dinner hours have been a little rocky.  So we headed out to look at the frogs one pretty night!  Kept everyone occupied and tired them out in the bargain…sounds like a perfect night to me!

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