Even though I feel like the blog has been very all about Charlotte recently there haven’t really been posts about what Charlotte’s been up to.  She is such a sweet girl these days and growing so quickly that I wanted to write down some things to remember.
Charlotte, you are so loving.  When James first started crawling you would get annoyed with him quickly getting your toys but these days you love having him follow you around.  You play with him and include him in your imaginary games, even when he doesn’t exactly follow the instructions that you’ve laid out.  When he pulls up to stand in front of the couch you will go and stand behind him and say that you’re standing there because you don’t want him to fall.  You give him hugs and kisses a lot and are such a great big sister to go and check on him to make sure he’s not getting in to anything.

You are such a little Mommy.  With James and with your “babies”.  You still have no interest in baby dolls but you sleep with an assortment of stuffed animals and are so sweet to take care of them.  Sometimes we hear you singing “Happy Birthday” to them or you’ll tell us that they’re not feeling good.  Some days they have weddings or they’re all asleep in your spaceship.  Your imagination is rampant in making up new “ventures” for you and your babies to embark on!

You love telling us that you’re a silly goose and, my goodness girl, you are!  You got your Daddy’s sense of humor and you love nothing more than giggling or making silly faces.  Your humor also underlies a very strong personality that can swing from very happy to very upset in a heartbeat.  I’m guessing you got that from your Momma.  We’re working on understanding and reigning in our emotions together…some days are better than others!

You are such a big girl now that you’re in school three days a week.  You drink out of a real cup most of the time and take a bottle of water with you to school.  You use your fork and spoon correctly (when you feel like it).  You still don’t like vegetables but you have gotten better about trying new items that I cook.  And it’s always hilarious for you to take a bite of something new and then say, “Yummm, that’s delicious!” while rubbing your belly!

Overall sweet girl, you are my heart.  You are a snuggler and have such a sweet personality.  I love watching you grow and learn new things and am constantly astounded at your grasp of the world around you.  Your fearlessness and courage to try new things amazes me and terrifies me at the same time.  I am so proud of the girl that you are! We love you!

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