Dear God

After last week’s Dear Me post and, with prompting from Compassion, I’m writing a letter to God today.  When we got this assignment last week I started thinking about it and all week I’ve been trying to figure out what I was going to say.  Brianne told us that as of last Monday we had already had 837 new sponsorships!  That’s 837 children who got the news that they have been chosen by someone and now have a specific family that will be praying for them and that they can pray for.  Can you imagine the joy on those children’s faces?  There are still 2,271 children to go to meet the goal for Compassion’s Blog Month in September.  If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor check out Compassion’s page.  And pray with me for God to move in a big way this month in the lives of these children and the lives of those who are sponsoring and praying for them.

Dear Lord,
We are taught from a young age that you love the little children.  I’ve been singing “Jesus Loves You” to my children since they were born and putting their names in the song.

Jesus loves Charlotte, this I know.  

Jesus loves James, this I know.

For the Bible tell me so.  Little one’s to Him belong.  They are weak but He is strong.  Yes, Jesus loves Charlotte.  Yes, Jesus loves James.  Yes, Jesus loves Charlotte and James.  The Bible tells me so.

It amazes me to sit here and think that you love my children more than I do.  That your love encompasses them and me and that you loved them before time began and gave your only Son for them.  And I think about how thankful I am that I can teach them that even though Jason and I love them forever and ever and so very, very much, that you somehow love them even more than we do.  

Lord, I don’t know a lot, but I know that you love the little children.  Those who are just learning about you and those who are walking in darkness.  You love my children, who have never known what it’s like to be hungry or not have a solid roof over their heads.  And you love the children that are sitting in a hut in Rwanda right now with rain pouring in through the cracks and wondering whether they’re going to have anything to eat this week.

Thank you for loving every child in the world.  And thank you for organizations who take care of the children.  These that are so young that they can’t make a way for themselves yet.  Those that are so downtrodden that they can’t even see that there might be a way for themselves.  Thank you for providing for them through organizations like Compassion to draw them to you and teach them that you have a purpose and a plan for their life.

Lord, please move this month in the hearts of those across the world.  Please touch all of our hearts and give us a passion to help these children that so desperately need our help.  Please bring about a revolution that makes those who don’t believe stop and stare and wonder why all these people are doing so much for those who can’t give them anything tangible in return.

Please use this movement to bring glory to your name.  Please bless those that are praying for your will in their lives and their finances.  Please bless those who can’t help financially but who can cover these children with prayer.  Please bless those who work day to day helping these children learn about you.  And please Lord, please, bless the children.  Every single one of them on this Earth.  So that they might grow into a population who seeks You first and others second and themselves last.

Thank you for the opportunity to change the world through your power.  Please help me believe that you can change the world through us.

I love you,

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