Internet Round Up

Mama’s Morning Prayer by JScott
You know those things that you want to print out and put on your fridge so that you’ll remember to read it every day? This is one of them.

It’s Like a Little Book Club by BigMama
Just thought I’d share her recent book recommendations.  In case you’re interested in what I’m reading check out my booklist page.

Making New Friends by Katie at Lil Light ‘O Mine
It’s hard making new friends, especially when you’re at home with your little’s all day.  It helps to know that there are others that feel the same way.  Anyone want a new friend???!? Call me! 🙂

When Expectations and Reality Don’t Meet by Lindsey
I love Lindsey and her heart and I especially love this post.  It was a timely reminder that just because things aren’t going the way that I expected doesn’t mean that God is out of control.

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