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James at One Year

James had his one year checkup last week and I’ve got to make sure I get his stats in here or else how will I ever remember them?!?!  His doctor said that he looked great although his is a tee-niny little thing.  He seems like the perfect size to us but apparently he’s pretty skinny compared to other boys his age.  Since he will eat anything in sight and our doctor watched him eat an entire snack trap and still want more he didn’t seem really concerned about it.  His little fever virus over the last few weeks took a little bit of weight off of him too.

18″ head 30%
29″ height 25%
17.2 lb less than the 5%

I forgot to talk about his verbal skills in his one year post.  He is still just getting the hang of communicating but its fun watching him try new sounds out!  He now will say “woof woof” when you ask him what a puppy dog says.  But he will also say “woof woof” when you ask him what any animal says.  🙂  He says MaMa and DaDa now and I’m convinced that he’s said Sissy once or twice.  He can click his tongue when we do it and he tries to stick his tongue out and says “ah ah ah” when I brush his teeth.  He said “Bye Bye” and waved when someone told him bye at his birthday party but he hasn’t really recreated that.  Most everything else is still random syllables but he really seems to know what we’re saying most of the time and can usually indicate with his actuals or grunts and mumbles what he wants.  It’s fun getting to communicate with him!

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