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James turns ONE!

Since we had already had James’ birthday party we had a low-key day planned for his birthday.  Of course, our plan was diverted a little when James got Sissy’s fever virus the night before his birthday.  I ended up taking him to the doctor on his birthday morning which is no fun at all!  He felt much better by then though and was only a little sad to be there.

Our birthday boy eating breakfast

James was playing in his crib for the traditional birthday-minute picture!

Show me that he’s one at the doctor

That evening we had our parents and Char Char over for a laid back dinner, cake, and presents.  With James’ sickness and Charlotte still not feeling great and us leaving for Tuscaloosa the next day I went the easy route with Mellow Mushroom pizza’s and a Nothing Bundt Cake.  They were both very good and I’m pretty sure James didn’t mind since he scarfed down his pizza and his piece of cake!

Charlotte was the big present-opening helper

James took a few steps holding on to his truck but then promptly sat down.  Over the last few weeks he’s taken some more though.  He’ll get to walking when he gets ready to!

The tunnel that we got James has been a huge hit with he and Charlotte.  They both love crawling through it.  And Daddy enjoyed playing in it that night too….

It’s hard to believe that we have a three year old and a one year old! Time is flying!

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