Little Girl Rite of Passage

One of the things that I have looked forward to as part of being a girl’s Mom is side by side manicure’s and pedicure’s.  I fondly remember getting them with my Mom when we were on vacation and the boys were playing golf and I’ve looked forward to sharing that with Charlotte too.  We’re not quite to that level yet, but we did pass a large rite of passage this month….painting her toenails!

When we were talking about getting her hair cut I told Charlotte that if she did good that she could pick out a nail polish and that we could paint her toenails.  She did great and so we headed to select a color of Piggy Polish.  She, of course, chose a purple color and on Saturday morning (the next day) we set up in our bathroom to paint her tootsies.

In hindsight, I wish that I had asked Jason to come and take pictures of us actually painting her toenails but, alas, he was busy with James and I didn’t.  But it was fun to see Charlotte’s excitement as the purple polish started to cover her nails.  She listened but didn’t seem to quite understand as I explained that we would have to be careful while her nails dried (that’s probably a little abstract for 3), but she managed to not get them too messed up in the few minutes it took them to dry!

She was so proud of them all day (and still is honestly!) and loved posing for pictures for me!

I look forward to many more pedicure’s in the future! As well as manicure’s, massages, facials…. I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

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