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Little Man’s First Haircut

We still aren’t sure where James’ fair hair comes from.  And while it’s not as thick as Charlotte’s was at this age, it sure had gotten long over the summer.  I was ready to take him for a haircut months ago but kept getting pushback from Jason and others.  I finally had to tell them that James was not getting his one year portraits made with his hair in his face and just made an appointment for both kids to get their hair cut!

Thankfully, Jason met me at the salon so that I didn’t have to try and contain them both at the same time.  Charlotte went first and did great putting on the cape and letting them cut her hair.  Here she is at her restaurant pick afterwards (Zoe’s).  She also got to pick out nail polish for her toes but that’s a post all of it’s own and is coming up soon!

After Charlotte got her hair cut it was James’ turn.  He looked thoroughly confused the whole time but sat fairly still.  His hair was so long that we got a good amount to save which I appreciated.  He looks so much older with it cut.  But now that it’s cut when I look at the pictures of him before it got cut it is so long and shaggy!

Before and After

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    September 5, 2012 at 9:00 pm

    Can’t get over how much older he looks with the haircut! Looks like a Little Man for sure!

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