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Our One Year Old Boy


Here we are.  ONE YEAR OLD!  This year has flown by and somehow you are a little boy now and not a baby anymore.  I am loving watching your personality develop — you certainly have a lot of it!  Here’s what you’re up to at one year old.

You are my sweet boy.  You smile a lot.  And giggle.  You love for me to tickle you and just giggle and giggle while I do it.  You love your Momma and as soon as you see me after I’ve been gone (a day, an hour, in the next room) you whine and beeline straight towards me.  I can’t say that I mind!

You always have something in your mouth.  You especially love putting Sissy’s toys in your mouth, but something is always there.  You have gotten two more teeth in the past month for a total of SIX.  Getting teeth has never been easy for you and Dr said today that you have a lot more about to come through, but you are still sweet despite the pain.

You finally mastered the sippy cup and straw a few days after I finished weaning you.  I did it early because I needed you to drink from a cup when you went to school and even now, a few weeks later, you won’t have anything to do with frozen/thawed milk or whole milk, you will only drink water.  Hopefully that will pass soon!  Other than that though you are a very easy eater and will eat anything that we put in front of you.  You gobble up fruit like it’s going extinct but you also eat veggies like that. Some of your favorites right now are Apple Jacks, strawberries, cereal bars, peanut butter and jelly, Cherrio’s, and spinach and pear buddy fruit.

You are still a good sleeper although since you’ve had a cold for the past few weeks you haven’t slept as soundly as normal.  You are still taking a morning nap (9:30 – 11) on days when you don’t have school and church and an afternoon nap (1-3:30).  You go to sleep around 7:15 and sleep until I wake you up around 8 (although you would sleep later if we let you).

You are a climber!  This is you trying to scale Charlotte’s bed a few weeks ago.  You will be up the stairs in seconds flat if we aren’t watching you.  And you try to climb on tables, cabinets, and anything else that you can get close to!

You love your Sister.  One of your favorite things is when we all get in her bed as we put her down for her nap and you get to crawl around amidst her and her babies.  You love crawling over her and both of you just giggle and giggle when you do it!

We went to the doctor for your cold/fever today and you weighed 17.06 lbs.  We go for your well visit next week so I’ll get percentages and height then.  But you are wearing 12 months clothes and some 18 months.  We recently switched to size 4 diapers just because we had some here when we ran out of the size 3’s.  And you wear a size 3 shoe.

You are all boy and we’ve seen that already with your first skinned chin.  You cry hard when you fall down but once we pick you up you calm back down pretty quickly.  Although, we can’t put you back down again for a while after a spill or you’ll just start crying again!

Some of your favorite things to do these days include seeing yourself in the phone’s camera, tearing down block towers, following Sissy around and doing whatever she’s doing, opening cabinets, crawling under furniture, chasing after balls while also having a ball in your mouth, and trying to get Luca’s toys.

You got your first haircut this month and look so grown up with your little boy cut!  Your Daddy told me that he wants me to let you grow it long again but I like your clean cut look.  Your hair is still very light compared to the rest of the family but it is getting darker so maybe it will end up as light brown.  Your eyes looks like they’re going to stay blue though and they are beautiful!

We love you so much James! You are so sweet and we are so thankful that you are a part of our family!
Happy Birthday!
love, Mommy

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    September 7, 2012 at 2:25 am

    Happy First Birthday sweet James!! We love you very much!!
    KayKay and GrandDavid

  2. Reply
    September 7, 2012 at 2:51 am

    Happy Birthday James! We love you!
    Memma and Papa

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