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The Mustard Seed by Rev. David Bast at Words of Hope

I found this message while writing my Compassion post last weekend and loved it.  Rev. Bast explains the mustard seed parable very well and encouraged me that even the small things that I do will make a big difference when done for God.

A Benediction for Our Nation by Jena Lee Nardella on the Blood Water Mission via Lots of Scotts
I will admit that when I saw where this prayer was spoken I immediately was prejudiced against it.  Then I began to read and realized that that immediate prejudice (that goes both ways) is one of the biggest problems in our political arena these days.  Please take a second to read this and pray it for our country.  And think about what actually living this every day would mean for America.

Missional Mothering by Jani Ortlund via Whitney Alexander
It’s hard being a SAHM and feeling like you need to be doing things outside of the house as well as inside in order to “be productive.”  It appears that I’m not the only one struggling with that based on this post.  My favorite part was this, “There are no neutral  moments in a young child’s life.  Someone is going to be influencing your children, inculcating values, and imprinting standards on their impressionable young minds.  Let it be you!”  In a season when I’m trying to pull back, this was a good reminder of what’s most important right now.

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