Construction Chronicles – Dried In

We had another big week this week in that WE ARE DRIED IN! Of course, until the windows get put in later this week we’ll still be getting water in a little bit.  But having the roof dried in allowed the framers to work at the start of this week when it was rainy and misty all day.  They’re still working on framing out the rest of the upstairs and just put up the first supports for the front porch but they’re making good time!

And in interiors news, we picked out all of our stone this week!  I am so relieved to have that set of decisions out of the way.  There are two places where we are still waiting on an either/or situation (we need to see if there is a remnant for our job from a job set to take place this month) but we have selected most of it for sure and the others are down to two depending on availability.  I’ve now got to get working on tile since everyone wanted us to select the stone first and then choose tile to go with it!

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