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It’s Pumpkin Time!

With most of the month of October off from home football games this year, we got to take our pick of pumpkin patch visiting times.  We decided to go the first weekend that we were home since we were hoping the crowd would be smaller and, if we had to reschedule, we would still have time to before we went to another game.  This was a great idea, until we woke up the morning of our trip, having already told Charlotte that we were going, to pouring down rain.
We looked at the radar and determined that while it was pouring at our house, the farm was out of the rain and so we would still be good to go even if it would be cold and possibly damp.  We called our friends that we had planned to go with and confirmed that we would meet up at 9.  As soon as we got the kids up, we got them in their carseats with breakfast in snack traps to make the trek to the pumpkin patch.  Charlotte was super excited since this was her third visit, but James wasn’t real interested since he couldn’t remember last year’s trip.
It was chilly and oh-so-windy when we got there but Charlotte’s excitement was contagious and we bundled up and got ready to enjoy the brisk morning!
James upgraded this year to the Baby Bjorn so he could actually see what was going on this year, but he still never got down so he just watched Sissy experience everything.  I know that next year, when he’s walking (although, I guess he’ll be running by then), he’ll enjoy it more!

I know the pictures of Charlotte petting the piglets are blurry but I wanted to include them as proof that (1) she did pet them and (2) I did let her.  She was a little disappointed though that they didn’t “oink” throughout her visit.

Charlotte also got to check out the cow from the pig’s pen and also saw a billy goat.  Surprisingly, she wouldn’t touch the bunnies this year which she loved last year.

Charlotte loved the corn crib though!  She had fun letting Daddy bury her legs!

But once they got out of the corn crib and tried to slide a little, we realized that all the slides were sopping wet from the rain the night before.  Most of them also ended into mud puddles.  So instead of sliding, she and Daddy climbed the big mountain of tractor tires until they conquered it!

She then checked out all the pumpkins in the sheds before determining that we needed to head out to the pumpkin patch to get a good one.

Charlotte and Daddy trekked through the field before finding two beautiful pumpkins.  Charlotte tried to pick one up but found that they were a lot heavier than they looked to her!

James and I walked into the pumpkin patch, but he enjoyed taking some self-portraits a little more.

Charlotte wanted to ride out in the car with the pumpkins.  You can’t see them in these pictures but Charlotte also picked out six small pumpkins (white and orange) and has them all arranged on our front porch!  We’re already looking forward to our trip next year!

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    November 4, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    Love the pics in this post of you and your boy! Happy Fall!!

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