Construction Chronicles – Brick and Insulation

I feel like every week I say that this was a big week for us, but this week really was.  Our contractor is great and his sub’s love working for him so he has guys lined up almost immediately to start on the next phase once the thing required for them to work is complete.  And then when they start, they work FAST!

The brick progressed a lot this week.  The left hand side of the house had its brick completed all the way up to the roof.  About half of the front of the house had brick completed to the roof.  The chimney was completed.  And brick was started on the right hand side of the house.  It looks great and we are so pleased with the brick and mortar color next to the trim and siding colors.

The interior of the house looks totally different now too.  I haven’t shown a lot of pictures of the interior because when it’s just studs, pictures can be very confusing and not very helpful to determine where you are in the house.  But, this week most of the foam insulation was installed and the rooms are getting more definition.

We are really excited about the insulation that we’re using in this house.  The foam insulation is being sprayed on all exterior walls of the house, including the rooflines in the attic.  It should reduce our energy costs significantly and should keep even our attic spaces in a fairly well regulated temperature.  Just to show you what I’m talking about, the first picture below is the front peak looking up through Charlotte’s ceiling.  This is the front left peak of the house and you can see the insulation blown all the way over the roof.  The second picture is of a walk-out attic space on the second floor and you can see that all of it’s exterior roof and wall area has been insulated.

Since we have some more definition in the rooms I decided to go ahead and pick four points for weekly interior pictures.  Hopefully between the four exterior pictures and the four interior pictures we’ll be able to track our progress.  Here they are from this week.  You are looking at the view from the back door into the garage facing into the house (top left), the living room area from the kitchen wall (center left), the kitchen from the living room wall (bottom left), and the foyer looking back through to the garage (right).

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