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Christmas Tree Craft

For the Christmas party in Charlotte’s class, her teachers asked if one of the parents would lead the kids in a simple craft.  When no one else volunteered for it, I decided that I could probably handle it and so I volunteered for it.  Then began the painstaking process of finding something that was simple and not time-consuming, that could be done by three year olds with little to no help.

Pinterest is great, but it is not a great source of easy projects.  It was finally the weekend before her party and I still had no idea as to what I was going to do.  Then, I turned down the hall to take James to the nursery on Sunday at church and saw something similar to this craft and knew that it would be fun and easy and SIMPLE for the kids.  I’m sure that this idea is on the internet somewhere, but I haven’t found it yet.  If you know who I can credit the idea to, please let me know!

Cutout Christmas Trees

Immediacy of Results: Immediate
Prepwork needed: Yes, 30 min to an hour
Time required: 15 min
Materials needed:
White construction paper
Green construction paper
Brown construction paper
Yellow/Gold construction paper
Multi colored construction paper
Scissors/shape punchers (for prepwork)
Glue sticks (for kids)

Step 1: (Prepwork)
Cut out three triangles for each child from the green construction paper.
Cut out one brown “trunk” for each child from the brown construction paper.
Punch out one star for each child from the yellow/gold construction paper.
Punch out anywhere from 9+ balls for each child from the multi colored construction paper.
*Note: I used these kind of scrapbook punches from Hobby Lobby for the stars and balls.  They are AWESOME!
Step 2:
Distribute all materials to each kid.  They need the following:
1 piece white paper
3 green triangles
1 brown trunk
1 yellow star
9+ multi colored balls
1 Glue stick
Step 3:
Show the kids how to glue on their trunk and then glue on the pieces of the tree to the background paper.
Step 4:
Add the star to the top of the three

Step 5:
Let them go to town “decorating” their tree with ornaments!

Step 6:
Admire their handiwork!

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