Commander’s Palace – New Orleans

Getting back to New Orleans restaurant reviews….
On Friday night of our trip we went to Commander’s Palace.  We had been in January for the Championship Game but were with a big group and had a pre-set menu.  Even with a pre-set menu it was fantastic! If I remember correctly, I had the Turtle Soup, Filet, and Strawberry Shortcake then and they were all wonderful!
This time, we sat outdoors on the patio under twinkle lights and it was very romantic just to enjoy getting out just the two of us.  After ordering we were brought freshly made bread and our soups.
Soup du Jour – Crab Bisque
Gumbo du Jour
For dinner we got two rather traditional meals.  They were both good, although I’d say that my fish on the corn with the crab was the best.  It was exceptional!
Pecan Crusted Gulf Fish
Creole Spiced Cowgirl Ribeye

We put in an order for my bread pudding soufflé early since we didn’t get to try that in January.  It was very good, but honestly, I’ve had better bread pudding.  I think it had too much other “stuff” in it that kind of took it away from “the best ever” for me.  Maybe too many raisins or something? I prefer cream drenched bread in my bread pudding.  It was still good though and Jason really enjoyed his Pecan Pie!

The Famous Bread Pudding Soufflé
Pecan Pie a la Mode

Overall, it was a great restaurant and we look forward to going back on our next visit to Nola!

*Disclaimer: The people at Commander’s Palace have no idea who I am and I was not compensated in any way.  All opinions and pictures are my own.

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