Construction Chronicles – Locked Up and Warm!

Again, I’m way behind on these posts.  And the last two weeks might have been the biggest to date but I have rationalized that as long as I keep up with it at some point that when it actually gets posted isn’t that big of a deal.

During Week 22 we met some major milestones by getting the garage doors up and getting the house locked up.  The brick posts for the fence, steps, and garbage area were all finished.  And, most importantly, we got the power and heat on!  We also had gutters and hardwood started.

And then last week the gutters and hardwood were completed.  All of the trim and interior doors were delivered and installation began.  And the prep work for the tile was put down in anticipation of the tile arriving this week.  The shed roof above the door to the garage was also installed, as were the cedar corbels and posts for the exterior.  And our topsoil, gravel, and fill dirt were all delivered so that landscaping could begin this week!

The bead board ceilings on our porches was stained this week to match the front and friend’s entry doors

A view from the arch in the kitchen/living into the foyer.  You can see the stain samples on the hardwood.  We went with the darkest — a walnut stain.

We had an example of our crown molding put up to confirm it’s design and you can see one of the cased openings upstairs

Charlotte’s room has all of her windows cased and doorways cased with doors hung

View from the garage door towards the front of the house

Just to prove that we have power! 🙂

I’m sure it’s odd but we’re excited about this area for our garbage can.  We had problems at the old house with animals trying to climb into the can from the surrounding bushes and this will allow us to keep the can hidden but still away from animals.

This week we’ve already gotten landscape started, the stairs stained, and tile is supposed to have arrived yesterday!

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