Construction Chronicles – Working on the Inside

It feels like we met a lot of important goals this week.  Sheet rock was completed with mudding and taping.  The yard was cleared, graded (to an extent), and footings for the fence posts were put into place.  The parking pad, driveway, and HVAC pad were poured with concrete. We completed tile selections and walked through with the tile installer to address questions.  We finally totally completed stone selections for every area of the house.

Parking pad
Charlotte and James both made hand and foot prints in it after it was poured.

Garage and driveway

From back garage door facing front door

Dining room
The two closets will be china storage with some really cool iron, glass, and wood doors.

Foyer from upstairs hallway

This week will be another fun one.  The trim package is getting delivered.  Hardwood flooring is going in.  The garage doors will be installed.  And we will get power and heat on in the house.  Hopefully all of that will actually happen this week! We’ll see, that’s a long list!

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