Happiness is….

At the beginning of December, Lindsee from Living Proof’s blog wrote a “Happiness Is” post.  I loved it and saved it to write about one day when I had some free time.  Ha! But today I want to spend time writing about what Happiness is to me right now where I am.  This world is so broken and we are all hurting in one way or another.  The world is scary and big and hard and it’s so easy to let ourselves (or me, if I’m the only one) get swept up in fear and worry.  Sometimes, making a list and writing down the things that make me happy makes me just that, HAPPY.  And what better time to get even happier than right before Christmas.

Happiness is James yelling “Mama” in the back seat so that I’ll turn around and wave to him and then him giggling at me.  And repeating “Mama” as soon as I turn back around.

Happiness is Charlotte asking for a “kissing hand” every time I tuck her into bed.  And a kissing hand for her stuffed puppy Nola.

Happiness is having our first plants planted in our new yard and seeing the first blooms on the winter camellia’s.

Happiness is having someone leave an encouraging comment on a picture you post.

Happiness is connecting with a new friend and seeing the beginnings of a friendship grow.

Happiness is looking forward to two grown-ups only trips in the next four months.

Happiness is getting to sleep late this morning because the kids stayed with their grandparents.

Happiness is Charlotte asking if we missed her when she saw us and her telling us that she missed us.

Happiness is James laying his head on my shoulder as I sing “Jesus loves James” before laying him in his crib.

Happiness is getting time to write on the computer surrounded by those that I love.

Happiness is being excited about gifts that I’m giving for Christmas and not being able to wait seeing the recipients reaction to their gifts!

Happiness is seeing Christmas through a three year old’s eyes.

Happiness is watching James gradually take more and more steps by himself and grow more confident in his walking ability.

Happiness is reading encouraging posts from other bloggers reminding me that I don’t have to be perfect to be enough for God.

Happiness is looking forward to what the new year holds and accepting that any mistakes that I’ve made are in the past and all I can do is try harder in the future.

Happiness is feeling like I have a safe space to share on this blog.  Thanks for providing me with that.  Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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