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November Catch Up

In an attempt to catch up with my pictures from November….enjoy!

Big Sister has been helping James get comfortable with walking.  As of last night it looks like James is taking off and about to take to walking full steam!

I love that when I can’t find Charlotte, I usually find her “reading” through a book!

James loves the telephone right now and loves putting it up to his ear as if he’s talking into it.

This is a boy that loves having his Sissy wake him up!

Nola is still C’s favorite animal.  She had her doing flips here.

After I started wearing a new purse across my body, Charlotte all of a sudden came up with a “purse” that she would wear the same way.

Charlotte will often lay down on the floor and call for James to come and crawl on her.  Their giggles make me smile every single time! I love how they play together!

Charlotte transitioned to having a hard time being left at school after fall break.  We found that having her take a “baby” to school and leave in her tote bag helped.  On this day she took Nola and was all smiles on the way in!

C cracked me up on this day when she picked out her outfit for school the night before and then chose a necklace to hang on the outfit to go with it.  Fashionista in the making!

Charlotte leaves some “babies” in Tuscaloosa and then takes a large number with us when we travel.  On this trip, she insisted that we put Kelly and Ben in the seatbelt for our ride!

Daddy took advantage of his Veteran’s Day holiday by spending some time reading books with C.

Even though he got pretty sick in November, James was still happy most of the time!

We did Operation Christmas Child this year and I was glad that Charlotte got excited about giving to little girl’s in need.  Even though James didn’t know what was going on, he was excited for an outing to go and deliver our boxes!
Not only did James take off with climbing up the stairs, once we put the gate up, he decided that he could open the gate too when it wasn’t totally latched!

We love being able to walk to our new house from Memma and Papa’s and are taking advantage of it with lots of walks on pretty days.

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